Kitchen Doors and Drawers Quick Fixes

You’ll be using your kitchen cabinet doors and drawers a lot, and so they might need adjusting from time to time to keep them in their best working order.  You can easily do this with a screwdriver, brush and lubricating oil.

Door hinges and drawer runners 

It’s a good idea to check your door hinges and drawer runners every so often so that you can remove any dirt or grime using a soft dry brush or duster. You probably won’t need to use any lubrication, but you can use a small amount of household spray polish if needed.

Adjustable shelves

You can adjust the wall cabinet shelves to suit your needs. All cabinets are FIRA Gold approved and tested to withstand strong weights, but we recommend that you load the heaviest items on the base of the cabinet, with lighter items on the shelves.

You should evenly distribute the items on shelves to avoid distorting the unit.

On 18mm cabinets adjustable metal hanging units secure wall units to the wall and the units are screwed directly to the wall on 15mm cabinets. We recommend that you don’t place heavy items in wall units for accessibility and safety.

Here are some helpful guides to quick fixes for your kitchen doors and drawers

soft close adjustment


side adjustment


depth adjustment


silver drawer box adjustment


height adjustment


cream drawer box adjustment

For more information, including wall cabinet and drawer weight limits, please read the care pack brochure.