What does FIRA Gold Award Certification Mean?

Product excellence - guaranteed

The FIRA Gold Award Certification is the ultimate mark of product excellence in the furniture industry.

FIRA stands for Furniture Industry Research Association. It is an independent organisation that assesses the quality, robustness and lifespan of furniture, covering cabinets, doors, drawers, hinges and hanging brackets.

Cabinets and worktops are subjected to force applied to base units and worktops with physical and chemical tests involving everyday substances. Drawer tests assess strength and potential misuse while a vertical load is applied to bottom shelves to simulate someone climbing into it/stepping on it as they reach up.

During product evaluation, FIRA assesses each kitchen product by individually testing its performance levels. FIRA measures several factors such as resistance to wet and dry heat, chemical resistance and mechanical damage. This exposes worktops to scrapes, scratches, abrasion and impact and a range of temperatures and products including tea, cleaning products and oil. Cabinets and doors and drawers are subjected to strength/weight tests as well as all of the above.

The test results are then documented, and upheld by regular audits, inspections and re-testing.

What does FIRA Gold Certification mean for Symphony kitchens?

It reassures our customers, and homeowners, that:

  • Our kitchen units are assessed and audited by industry experts, are fit for purpose and meet or exceed all of the latest standards
  • The quality of Symphony kitchen units is maintained through ongoing independent third-party audit and retesting that FIRA undertakes.
  • FIRA Gold Award Certification is industry recognised as the mark of excellence for furniture